Surprise Proposal in the Sunflowers | Engagement Photography in Jarrettsville, Maryland

Evan successfully surprised his bride-to-be with a proposal for the books!

We were super sneaky and planned that I would pose as the “photographer of the day” for the sunflower field with my own booth and everything. Evan, Rachel, and Taylor (Evan’s sister) would show up for fun and just happen to see me there, when I would offer to take a walk with them and take some photos along the way. Rachel had no idea what was in store for her!

We started off walking around while I took some fun pictures of Rachel & Evan under the guise of “practicing my photography”. Little did Rachel know, her best friend, brother, and brother’s girlfriend were hiding amongst the sunflower field. While we explored, I was frantically texting her brother trying to figure out exactly where they were hiding!

Once I finally figured out where Rachel’s brother and friend were hiding, we set up the proposal. I told Rachel to stand in a certain place and whispered in her ear that when the time came, I would tell her to turn around and run towards Evan. Instead, Evan pulled the ring out from his back pocket and got into position. When I told Rachel to turn around, she was awestruck!

When Evan was down on one knee and Rachel enthusiastically said Yes, Rachel’s brother and best friend emerged from among the sunflowers. Cue surprise #2!

I had so much fun shooting this proposal. Check out more photos  below!