Professional Food & Restaurant Photography

Where Culinary Passion Meets Artistic Vision

With experience as both a professional cook and photographer, Josie is uniquely capable of showcasing your menu, restaurant, or bar in its most appetizing and inviting light. Trust us to understand the pivotal role imagery plays in showcasing the heart and soul of your dining experience.

Food & Restaurant Photography Packages

Full or Half-Menu:

  • 25 / 75 high-quality images of menu items
  • 3 / 5 hours
  • Plating and styling as needed
  • Entice diners and boost your restaurant's appeal!

Branding Visuals:

  • Tailored images for use in marketing materials, websites, and branding collateral
  • Elevate your overall brand image with cohesive and impactful visuals


  • Ambiance or event shots capturing the mood of your establishment
  • Perfect for highlighting the unique atmosphere of your restaurant or bar


  • Full-day (8h) photoshoot highlighting all aspects of your restaurant in an appealing way
  • Develop a brand identity, useful for gaining trust with your audience
  • Perfect for new or emerging restaurants!

Ready to market your restaurant, food truck, or catering company with professional photography?

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